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NOMINATIONS OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Nominating Committee of the Capital Area Realtors® Federal Credit Union (“Credit Union”) recommends the following candidates to fill the…
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Welcome to the annual meeting of the Credit Union, celebrating our 53rd anniversary. Despite the challenges of the past year, we have continued to grow and prosper, thanks to our dedicated staff and the support of our members. Our focus remains on serving your needs and ensuring a positive banking experience. One key area of focus has been the enhancement of our reporting analytics. We are working to add a description card to our existing reports, providing a clear understanding of each code used. While we initially attempted to achieve these using expressions, we encountered challenges. We are now exploring alternative methods to ensure that the meaning of each code is easily identifiable for all users.
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Nominations for the Board of Directors

As the Annual Meeting of the Capital Area Realtors® Federal Credit Union approaches, the Nominating Committee is proud to present three esteemed candidates to fill the vacancies on the 2024 Board of Directors. These individuals bring diverse backgrounds, extensive expertise, and unwavering commitment to serve the members of our Credit Union community. Balaram Owen, Amit K. Sharma, Surinder (Sonny) Tohan
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Call for Nominations of Board of Directors

Join Our Board: Shape the Future of Our Credit Union In accordance with the bylaws of Capital Area Realtors® Federal Credit Union, applications for nominations are now open for the three expiring Board of Director positions held by Balaram Owens, Amit K. Sharma, and Surinder Tohan.
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