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Once you are approved, credit union membership and all of its benefits will be available to the employees and immediate family members of the company.  Some of these benefits include:


Home Loans: Purchase and Refinance
Home Equity Line of Credit
New and Used Car Loans
Debt Consolidation Loans
Vacation Loans
Visa Credit Card


Free Checking
Free Visa Debit Cards
Free ATMs
Savings Accounts
Money Markets and
Certificate of Deposits


Free ATMs at CVS Stores
On Line Banking
Direct Deposit /Allotments
Large Discounts on New Cars
Insurance Quotes
Great Customer Service



Print out the member application and complete all applicable sections on page one, and page two only if applicable.

  • All account owners must sign under the heading  " Account Ownership" and "Authorization"
  • Send one check for at least $100.00 to be deposited in your new share savings account.  If you also want a share draft (checking) account, send any amount over and above the $100.00 minimum required to be in your savings account.  (You do not have to send more than one check)  Make the check payable to CARFCU
  • Mail the application, a copy of all driver's licenses, and deposit to:

                                                  P.O. Box 1573
                                                  Rockville, Md. 20849-1573

Download application (PDF)